for PA House
68th Legislative District
Carrie will work for YOU!

My Platform

Since being nominated as the Democratic candidate, I've had many opportunities to talk to local leaders and citizens about their hopes and concerns for our district. I thought it might be helpful to share my platform with you. Here are the top three issues I want to work on in Harrisburg:

Who Is Carrie?

Career and Technical Education Center – We need a Career and Technical Education Center (CTC) to serve the 68th district. Having the opportunity to fight for one was the primary reason behind starting our campaign. Our current educational model, a one-size-fits-all approach focused on post-secondary education, cannot alone provide our community with the workers and jobs a sustainable economy needs to thrive. Our current model leaves too many behind.

A CTC would provide a path to graduation for students who struggle with the current focus on post-secondary academic education. This type of educational facility will help prepare students for good-paying jobs, will create a workforce that is able to stay in our community, and will provide opportunities for adult basic education and retraining. It will also help attract new businesses into our area that need a ready source for skilled and technical workers.

Infrastructure – We need to invest in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure including water and sewer systems, roads and bridges. We should expand cellular service and high-speed internet access. We should also look into the possibilities of creating new types of infrastructure such as solar and wind farms. Investing in infrastructure serves two important purposes. In the short term, it helps our area by putting people to work in skilled jobs with decent wages. In the long term, good infrastructure will make it easier for people to start their own small businesses and will make our area more attractive to businesses that may consider locating here.

Community health and safety – Addiction, depression and domestic abuse are serious issues in the 68th District. We need comprehensive solutions to these problems that are both pragmatic and start from a basis of compassion. Yet access to mental health services is extremely limited in our rural area. We need to look at a number of ways to increase access to and support successful mental health programs. We should look at treatment facilities that have a proven track record of success and pattern new rehabilitation facilities after them. There is also a great need for transitional services that will provide a semi-structured setting for individuals in between residential treatment facilities and self care.

Carrie Heath is a teacher, wife, step-mom, union member, and Tioga County native running for the 68th District in the PA House of Representatives.

She currently teaches at Wellsboro High School and has held leadership positions in several local associations:
  • Friends of the Green Free Library
  • Wellsboro Art Club
  • Mary Wells Chapter #452 Order of the Eastern Star
  • Tioga County Indivisible

Carrie lives in Wellsboro with her husband, Sergeant First Class David Pettit, who is a combat veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a woodworker, and a beekeeper.

They have a son who is in his freshman year at Penn State.

They live on two little acres of heaven just outside Wellsboro with Dave's bees and  entirely too many pets!

What Does Carrie Support?

  • For job creation and supporting small businesses
  • For public education, particularly vocational education
  • For increased mental health services 
  • For rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure
  • For IT infrastructure in rural areas
  • For alternative energy sources
  • For supporting family farms
  • For responsible use of natural resources

  • For decreased costs for college education
  • For supporting veterans
  • For redistricting reform
  • For campaign finance reform
  • For term limits for politicians
  • For gender, race, and marriage equality
  • For a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions
  • For common sense gun safety
  • For community development
  • For organized labor
  • For decriminalizing marijuana and studying its medical uses