Carrie Will Work For You - Will You Work For Her?

Our first action as an official campaign was to collect the 300 signatures needed to get my name on the ballot for the Primary Election on May 15th. Over 20 volunteers spread through Bradford, Tioga and Potter County and collected 650 signatures!

The first step is now behind us. But this campaign will only be succesful with the help of hundreds of ordinary citizens, from all political persuasions - people who want to help put their voice in Harrisburg.

Whether you like to knock on doors, make phone calls, take photographs, lick envelopes or any of long list of critical tasks - we have a place for you on this campaign!

Send us your contact information and let us know how you would like to help. We'll reach out to you very soon! Thank you for your passion, your support and your love of our community.
Questions?                Comments?                Do you want to get involved?               Contact us here!

Carrie Heath wants to be the voice of the 68th District - and that means you!

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Carrie Heath
Democratic Candidate for the PA House of Representatives  68th District
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Campaign Manager
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