How Can I Help?

You Can Give Your Time

You Can Give Your Voice

You Can Give Your Support


Campaigns cost money. And small campaigns, like ours, have to constantly consider how to make our resources stretch. Do we order yard signs or buy stamps? If we buy stamps, what can we afford to print and mail out?

Without PACs or super-donors, we need local support. If you think that Carrie is exactly the kind of representation we need in order to renew pride in our community, please contribute to the cause. Every little bit helps! Just like the members of a community can raise a barn in one day by working together, we can make this campaign successful by each donating a little.

Donations may be sent to:
Committee to Elect Carrie Heath to PA House
11 Sherwood Street
Wellsboro, PA 16901
Please observe these rules for donations:
Personal and PAC (Political Action Committee) checks are acceptable
Contributions cannot be received from corporations, LLCs, unincorporated associations or national banks
Cash donations cannot exceed $100